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Water Damage

House Flooded?


Pipe break? Roof leak? Washer over flow?



The causes of water damage are multiple: storms, roof leaks, water incursion, problematic plumbing systems, sewage, poor maintenance, and others. Left untreated, water damage may result in the creation of noxious gases through the decomposition of damaged materials and the creation of mold and airborne fungal spores. Mold spores can germinate in as few as 12 hours if they have water. Usually mold will be present within 24-48 hours. Fungi can destroy wood and compromise structural integrity.

C&B Services provides toxic mold testing in businesses and homes, and emergency water-damage service for problems that need immediate help.  We will extract excess water to clean up water damage, and dry interior surfaces, including drywall and flooring, using state-of-the-art drying equipment.  Our trained experts have the expertise to detect pollutants, treat mold and water damage, and clean and restore indoor environments.

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